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We would like to wish all our clients are very Happy Christmas for 2023. Our festive opening hours see both of our surgeries closed on the Mondays (25th/1st) and Tuesdays (26th/2nd). Otherwise our opening times are as normal. As always our emergency out of hours service is operating as normal on 01387 255295/ 01556 610994. 

This winter's Avian flu outbreak continues to spread and has now reached Scotland.  In addition to current increased biosecurity an additional 'Lockdown', housing, of birds comes into force on the 29th of November affecting all captive birds. Full details can be found on the website (APHA). If you are concerned about sick or dying  wild birds  guidance is also available from the APHA website.  

Travel may be the last thing on your mind at the moment, however if you are considering travelling abroad with your pet it is important to know that the PETS travel scheme has now changed. Additional procedures & documents are now required. The current scheme is more involved & complex than previous and we would ask you to contact us in plenty of time should you think you will be needing to travel abroad. The APHA website also has further information and is worth having a look at.

We have just taken delivery of our new & upgraded anaesthetic monitoring equipment. This will extend our ability to safely monitor your pets through their general anaesthetics, especially on more complex or extended procedures. For those who like their 'tech.' this substantial investment now allows us to perform capnography in addition to our existing pulse oximetry and apnoea respiratory monitors.

With plenty of uncertainty about Brexit at the moment, you may not have realised this may affect your holiday plans if you are travelling with your pets! If you are intending to take them abroad with you (or return to the UK) we would advise you to contact the surgery to discuss potential new PET passport requirements, and how they may affect you, in plenty of time before you plan to travel.

New for 2018 we have just taken delivery of our new & up-graded dental unit. This will not only allow us to continue to provide essential basic dental procedures but give us scope for more advanced dental care. Approximately  70 to 80% of all cats and dogs over 2 years are estimated to suffer from some form of the peridontal disease. Apart from halitosis ('bad breath'), this can also contribute to a number of significant health issues so this is a welcome addition. It is also suitable for rodent and rabbit dentistry!! 

For those rabbit lovers of you out there we now also have a stock of a new rabbit vaccine. Alongside the core Myxo & RHDV  (rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus) 1 vaccine we are now able to offer more specific protection against RHDV 2. This new strain has been spreading across the UK in recent years with widespread positive cases confirmed. Prevention is definitely better than 'cure' when it comes to these life-threatening diseases.

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